Sunday, April 13

Restroom Reviews

One of my biggest concerns while in public is the standard of cleanliness in restrooms.

1- Is there trash all over the floor?
2- Are the toilets covered in wetness or obvious urine?
3- Are there multiple toilets unflushed?
4- Is there enough tissue for me to complete my business?
5- Will my children see profanity while using the facilities?
6- Is the personal hygiene bin over flowing with nastiness?
7- Is there soap to wash my hands?
8- Is the sink that I'm washing my hands in clean?
9- Are there towels to dry my hands?
10- Did the odor in the restroom cause me to hold my breath?

Positives that increase my comfort in a restroom:
1- If there are no towels, is the door a push style that does not require me to use my now clean hands?
2- Changing table in men and ladies rooms.
3- Clean floors (IE.. they used a mop this week)

I try to be understanding if there are a few items that are lacking. However, I feel that once a business decides to provide a restroom that they should take responsibility and keep it clean and sanitary. I try to do my part too.. If my 3yo drops a towel on the floor, I pick it up; if we splash too much water, I wipe it off the floor and/or counter; if a faucet is dripping, I turn it off.

What turns you off in a restroom? Have you ever left a business because of their restroom?

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